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Recommended by the the Tampa Bay Times:

"He represents a demographic that the School Board is lacking: a young professional who as a foster parent will have kids in the school system ... Stewart would bring new energy and a fresh perspective to the School Board. For Pinellas County School Board District 6, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Matt Stewart."

Endorsed by Pinellas Realtor Organization & Clearwater Regional Chamber PAC


There are positive things going on in our public schools, thanks to our dedicated teachers and staff. However, we cannot ignore that our public schools are under attack and that our children are becoming nothing more than “an assembly line of tiny test takers”. 

We have the greatest opportunity to make meaningful changes at the local level. I want to build on what is going right and bring about positive change.

As a foster parent and educator I see what our children are facing; with a doctorate in Education from USF I know what is proven to work; born and raised here in Pinellas I am invested in my community.

I am running for Pinellas County School Board to:

  • Ensure that our children have a safe learning environment by partnering with local law enforcement, increasing behaviorial & mental health services,  and making sure that behavioral problems in the classroom are addressed.

  • Close the achievement gap by building a bridge between parents, teachers, and the community. Students, regardless of any factors, deserve a quality public education that prepares them for the future.

  • Ensure that students are school ready; students who start strong finish strong. In conjunction with our community partners, we must align our resources to ensure that all students have early learning opportunities.

  • Advocate for teachers and school personnel by providing a competitive salary and good working conditions. We must be able to recruit and retain those who serve our children.

  • Create an ‘economic pipeline’ for our community. We need to better prepare students to enter the workforce, either directly out of high school or after college. Building our career academies, increasing the involvement of local businesses in those academies, and providing internships and apprenticeships must be a priority.

  • Work with our legislature to ensure funding for public education and stop wasteful spending on charter schools that are not performing.

I am proud to have a broad base of support: Pinellas Realtor Organization, SEIU/1199 SEIU, Clearwater Regional Chamber PAC, Equality Florida Action PAC, Linda Lerner (School Board), Renee Flowers (School Board Chair), Eileen Long  (School Board), Mike Smith (Largo Vice Mayor), Pat Gerard (County Commissioner), Ken Welch (County Commission Chair), Charlie Justice (County Commissioner), Darryl Rousson (State Senator), Ben Diamond (State Representative), Lisa Wheeler-Bowman (St Pete Council Chair), Sam Henderson (Gulfport Mayor), Paul Ray (Gulfport Councilman), and Mike Fridovich (Gulfport Councilman). I hope I can count on your support too.

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Friday, July 27, 2018 12:00 AM

Times recommends: Matt Stewart for Pinellas County School Board

He represents a demographic that the School Board is lacking: a young professional who as a foster parent will have kids in the school system.

Stewart would bring new energy and a fresh perspective to the School Board. For Pinellas County School Board District 6, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Matt Stewart.

Thursday, July 19, 2018 12:00 AM

Who will represent your child?

Dr Matt Stewart: “I think the number one thing that parents want is for their child to come home safe at the end of every day.”

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 12:00 AM

In District 6, School Board candidates offer ideas on teacher pay, achievement gap and more

Born and raised in Clearwater, he has deep local roots, and as a foster parent, he said he’s driven to protect public schools.

"If anyone says there is not a war on public education they’re wrong," Stewart said. He wants to hold charter schools accountable and boost recruitment and retention through better pay and a healthier working climate for teachers and support staff.

Thursday, July 12, 2018 3:09 PM

Pinellas School Board candidates talk inequity, retaliation and more at wide-ranging forum

“Competitor Matt Stewart, raising his eyebrows at Grizzle's answer, said that, after four questions about retaliation against students and parents, the district clearly needs to talk openly about broken trust ...

Others offered more detailed ideas. Stewart rattled off plans to boost culturally responsive teaching, fully implement restorative justice practices, recruit and retain a diverse staff and offer more transparency in school performance before getting cut off for time.”

Thursday, July 5, 2018 12:00 AM

The Gathering of Pastors question candidates

Questions were taken from the crowd asking what measures would be done to ensure schools were safe for children at all educational levels.

But Dr. Stewart believes other measures are easier to implement and will make teachers feel safer and better able to protect themselves and their students. “School doors still don’t lock from the inside,” he reminded, also pointing out the need for mental health services for students. “Teachers have to go outside to lock their doors. This seems a very simple thing we can do.”

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